10 Free Blogging Platforms You Should Try

10 Free Blogging Platforms You Should Try

Nikereact.org – The creation of the internet has created many interaction spaces, one of which is a blogging platform. Blogs have succeeded in bringing together many authors with readers from all over the world without any boundaries. This meeting between the writer and the reader on a blogging platform has succeeded in creating a very lively ecosystem because it is very useful.

In the world of blogging, writers certainly have a strategy so that their writing can be read by many people. Of course, the more people who read an author’s writing, the greater the chance that the author will get success. However, not only that, the selection of the right blogging platform for writing publications also greatly affects the success of the author.

In the era of the internet that is growing very rapidly, there are many alternatives to choosing a blogging platform and can be used for free. Each free blogging platform offers its own features and advantages. Therefore, this article will explain about 10 free blogging platforms along with their uniqueness, advantages, and disadvantages. This article was created with the aim that aspiring blog writers can have enough information before jumping in to have the blogging platform they need.

A. 10 Free Blogging Platforms

10 Free Blogging Platforms You Should Try

Of the various free blogging platforms available, there are 10 of the most popular free blogging platforms that are most often used by the people of Indonesia. The following is an explanation of the best types of free blogging platforms, including:

1. WordPress.com

Today, WordPress.com can be said to be the most famous free blogging platform in the world. WordPress itself provides two main types of services, namely WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

The free blogging platform that WordPress has is WordPress.com. With WordPress.com writers can publish content very easily, not only that, WordPress.com can also load all kinds of content, from text, images, videos, to audio.

To register, the author simply registers on the website. With one registration, the WordPress.com blogging platform can be used immediately using a WordPress web hosting server.

This blogging platform is also very flexible, because it can be used by authors to add various kinds of plugins, change themes, and even create their own custom themes. In addition, WordPress.com users can also be used to find hundreds or even thousands of themes from online stores, office applications, to the latest technology. However, some additional features like that can only be used by WordPress.org as a platform for the paid version of WordPress.

2. Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that can be used for free. This alternative blogging platform is the most popular blogging platform after wordpress. The Medium platform itself was originally developed by Evan Williams. He is the former CEO of Twitter and co-developer of Blogger, along with Biz Stone.

Medium is a platform dedicated to writers, journalists and other experts. Medium is expected to be a place for them to provide their thoughts in the form of essays or opinions. Uniquely, articles in the form of listicles in the form of news containing facts are less desirable on this blogging platform.

Since 2012, Medium has been used by many writers to share their essays or opinions. A clean, minimalistic but attractive appearance makes people comfortable in using this platform. In addition to a comfortable appearance, Medium also rejects various types of advertising and product promotions. This free blogging platform has the assumption that advertising and endorsement activities make the world of content a field for selling.

Well, instead, Medium provides a Medium Partner Program for users who want to make money. This program with Medium is a form of medium attention to writers by providing incentives based on the length of time the reader enjoys the article and the amount of applause that the user gives for the article.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a free blogging platform that has a working system similar to Twitter. When a user uploads content, followers of that user can give love as a sign of likes, reblog or re-upload or share to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In no time, a Tumblr blog follower will get a subscription to the content on their Dashboard.

Some time ago, this free blogging platform had sparked controversy after the Ministry of Communication and Information decided to block Tumblr. This blocking is allegedly because Tumblr is considered some of the content being distributed has violated the law. Tumblr has actually been blocked twice, from 2016 to 2019. However, Tumblr is now used to being accessed as usual again.

The concept of Tumblr is actually Twitter in the form of a blog, but it’s not the same. Tumblr allows users to create seven different types of content. Like other blogging platforms, Tumblr is very supportive for uploading text content, photos, images, videos, to audio. Not only that, Tumblr also has an attractive appearance, especially for content such as quotes, links, and chat-like conversations. The attractive visuals are what make this free blogging platform very popular and liked by some bloggers.

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is a blogging platform created for writers of fiction. Wattpad actually has the same characteristics as social media, but this platform is devoted to fictional stories. In Wattpad, account owners can share comments, create networks, and develop their own writing skills and abilities. In fact, there is a special writing competition on Wattpad.
In addition, Wattpad also provides an opportunity for novice writers so that their work can meet book publishers, film production houses, and even Wattpad’s many fictional works that have been written in TV series or web series.

However, just like using social media, Wattpad requires its users to be smart in strategizing so that their writing can be read by many people. Writers on this blogging platform are required to always be productive in publishing their latest works. In addition, authors are also recommended to use hashtags or hashtags that are in accordance with what is currently trending, be active in the writer’s community, and actively promote on channels and other social media. The goal is to encourage more readers to open the author’s writing on Wattpad.

5. Wix

Wix is ​​a solution for everyone who wants to get a website that looks very attractive and artistic. In this free blogging platform, users are not required to fully understand what coding or technical website settings are. Wix users only need to have an artistic taste to style their website or blog. The rest, the task of optimizing the website has been taken over by Wix.

In using Wix, users only need to design by drag and drop. In some areas Wix just needs to provide a custom name and checkmark. Not only that, Wix also provides the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence feature or Wix ADI for short. With the Wix ADI blogging feature, users only need to tick the questionnaire provided by Wix ADI. After that, Wix ADI will automatically carry out the commands that the user has given to the questionnaire.

Apart from Wix ADI, Wix also provides hundreds of professional templates that are different from other blogging platforms. Like other website development platforms, Wix also offers additional applications that users can use to run applications as needed, such as social media to online stores.

Wix is ​​here to challenge other website builders. Wix offers a wide range of website development offerings from very simple for new users to very complex website development for users who are already familiar with website development. To date, Wix has been used by more than 125 million users worldwide.

6. Bloggers

This free blogging platform is certainly very familiar to internet users. Blogger was the first most popular blogging platform at a time when Google was quite accessible. Blogger was recorded to have existed in 2003 which was developed by Google through Pyra Labs. In general, bloggers are accessed using the blogspot.com domain address.

As a free blogging platform from Google, Blogger has many features that are integrated directly with applications or services from Google. At least Blogger users can make profit from the features of Adwords, Adsense, and Google Analytics in it.

In addition, the guarantee of security and convenience provided as part of Google is a positive value for this blogging platform. Blogger users will automatically be given an SSL certificate on their blog. The certificate will be useful to always ensure the security of the blog and prevent the blog from hacking attempts to hack.

The development of this website platform is also relatively easy. The navigation features provided have been arranged to make it easier for users who have never even opened a blog at all. Not only that, Blogger also provides a custom domain feature that can be used to create a website, it’s just that this feature is paid.

7. Penzu

With the slogan “Your Private Online Journal”, Penzu.com offers a free blogging platform to share journals with a high level of security. Penzu can also keep user journals safe with double password protection and extremely strong military encryption. This high level of security is used by Penzu to ensure that what users enter is safe in the Penzu Vault.

Not only that, the flexibility offered by Penzu is also its own attraction, including the three types/types of blogs offered: Daily Diary (public), Expressive Journal (private), and Travel Journal.

8. Webs

Webs.com is a website that is quite easy to use in building attractive sites. Users can customize the appearance of the browser-based interface simply by dragging and dropping elements to customize the page. This platform is perfect for users who want to create a professional web such as a company profile. In addition to creating websites such as company profiles, users can also create various types of websites according to their respective purposes and uses.

9. Weebly

Weebly or Weebly.com is a free blogging platform that has many features to help users compile to build websites quickly; without the need for coding techniques. Weebly focuses on website builders, this is what makes it very easy for users to be able to create personal websites, businesses, blogs, portfolios to events. Weebly also provides a variety of themes that can be used directly without having to build from scratch.

Weebly.com itself offers an offer in the form of website development by drag and drop only. Much like Wix, users can easily customize the look without having to deal with lines of code. In fact, Weebly provides more than 200 applications with very good quality to make website development simpler. These applications such as scheduling (scheduling), live chat (live chat), accounting (accounting) and so on.

10. Ghost

Finally, this free blogging platform was founded by John O’Nolan in 2013. Ghost can be a solution for users who are still confused about which platform to jump on. This free blogging platform is a new open source platform and may be able to compete with WordPress and Blogger. That’s because Ghost is written using the JavaScript programming language.

One of the advantages of the Ghost blogging platform that has become very interesting is its navigation features. This navigation feature can be easily understood by even novice blog users. In addition, because it is written using the JavaScript programming language, Ghost also has very fast access times.

B. Conclusion

There are many free blogging platforms that can be a means to share user writing easily and for free. In addition to offering convenience and cheapness, the blog provider also provides a variety of themes and an increasingly attractive appearance so that it is not boring for visitors to read the articles in it. Users can also use multiple platforms at once to share the writings or content they want to write.

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