12 Examples of Marketing Strategies to Try

12 Examples of Marketing Strategies to Try

Nikereact.orgWhat is an example of a good marketing strategy? Marketing strategy is an important thing to do. Besides being able to increase selling power, marketing strategies can also make the company grow even more.

Therefore, a company must be smart in choosing and implementing its marketing strategy. So, what are examples of marketing strategies that can be done?

This article will discuss 12 examples of marketing strategies that are worth trying to increase product sales.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

12 Examples of Marketing Strategies to Try

Before knowing what are examples of marketing strategies, it is necessary to first understand the meaning of marketing strategies. Marketing strategy is often also referred to as a marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is an overall effort of a business. The goal is to reach target consumers who are considered prospective. After that, the marketing strategy will turn them into a regular customer. This applies both in terms of services and products of a business.

Difference between Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan
In addition to the term marketing strategy, there is also the term marketing plan. What is the difference between these two terms? The marketing plan is one part of the marketing strategy

This marketing plan includes a marketing activity document which contains a schedule of marketing initiatives to be carried out. The things in the document are written in detail and clearly.

Ideally, a marketing strategy should have a long-term nature when compared to a marketing plan. Because, the marketing strategy will include a big picture of the message that will be delivered later.

Meanwhile, the marketing plan must describe in detail the need to implement the existing strategy. The goal is to be able to choose a marketing strategy with the highest level of effectiveness.

In this case, the company must look at the most important aspects to support the survival of its business. Certain products may need to be done through conventional means. However, there are also some products that are more effective if the promotion is done through digital media.

Example of a Marketing Strategy

In order to be able to choose the most effective examples of marketing strategy strategies, a company needs to look at the most important aspects to support its business. What are some examples of marketing strategies that a company can do? Check out the explanation below:

1. Paid advertising

An example of the first marketing strategy is paid advertising. If you use paid advertising, the company will pay the provider for the ad space. The goal is to be able to display their products in the space that has been paid for.

The price paid by the company will generally be determined through a negotiation process. Negotiations will be carried out by the advertising space provider and the company’s marketing team. This paid ad consists of several categories.

Such as banner or display, pay-per-click or PPC, and pay-per-impression or PPI. How to use paid advertising is considered very effective. Because the company can show the name of the product as well as the company to the public on a wide scale.

2. Transactional marketing

Transactional marketing is also an example of a marketing strategy. One of the big challenges that must be faced by a company is meeting the target of selling its products or services. However, the circumstances of this transactional marketing strategy are considered quite effective in overcoming these problems.

Companies that use examples of this marketing strategy can attract consumers through interesting things. For example, with discounts, shopping coupons, promotions and events held on a large scale. This will certainly make consumers tempted and interested in buying more products offered through this example of this marketing strategy.

3. Social media marketing

Another example of a marketing strategy is marketing through social media. Social media is one of the things that has an important influence in life. Today, even social media has become the life of both communities.

More than 2.8 billion people are actively using social media. Therefore, an example of a marketing strategy that uses social media is a very profitable thing. Social media marketing is also fairly easy to do.

Not only will you get more targets, this sample marketing strategy will also be cost effective. Many companies have implemented this marketing strategy. The result is also quite effective.

This example of a marketing strategy with social media will focus on using the site. In addition, it will also focus on social media applications. Examples include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Seeing its very broad scope, companies can build their brand in a short time. This will certainly be very profitable for the company.

4. Interactive marketing

Another example of a marketing strategy is interactive marketing. The interactive marketing strategy will involve the participation of consumers. This makes consumers participate in the marketing process carried out by the company itself.

For example, a company that will include the consumer’s name in its marketing strategy. Another customization can also be done in products that are included in the limited edition category.

This method will allow a consumer to get the latest information from the product. That way, the number of consumer demand for products or services from these companies can increase.

5. Content marketing

Content is information that is available through media or electronic products. Nowadays, content is very attractive to many social media users. Therefore, examples of marketing strategies in the form of content can be added to the next list.

This example of a marketing strategy will focus on creating. In addition, it will also focus on the distribution of content. The company will make its products relevant, valuable and consistent.

The goal is that consumers are interested in their products. Instead of making direct offers, the company provides information that consumers will need. This will make consumers become interested in a product.

Marketing that is done through content can be applied by all companies. Both small companies and large companies. However, in using this example of a marketing strategy, companies must choose reliable and competent content creators. The goal is to attract the interest of consumers.

6. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

This example of a marketing strategy also relates to the digital world. SEO is a process for a site to get traffic. The traffic is generated from editorial, organic search and free search in a search engine.

This strategy will be closely related to the marketing of a content. In fact, it can also determine whether a content has quality. Content that meets SEO standards can occupy the top positions on search engines.

If the content that is created increases rapidly, the company will get high traffic as well. It can also increase brand awareness. The number of company customers can also increase.

7. Earned media or public relations

Earned media is a publication that can be obtained in various ways. Examples of this marketing strategy tend to be easy. For example, doing word of mouth is called word of mouth.

Not only that, carrying out a marketing strategy with testimonials is also an example of a earned media marketing strategy. Talking about products via radio, through television, live Instagram, and so on can be done.

The thing that must be underlined is, earned media is media that is obtained organically or for free. Therefore, earned media can also be called an example of a marketing strategy with free media.

8. Inbound marketing

An example of the next marketing strategy is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a strategy of a business. The goal is to attract consumers in several ways.

Examples such as creating content that has value. As well as experiences that will be tailored to consumers of these products. The method used in this inbound marketing is business development by building a relationship.

The relationship that is built here is a long term relationship. Both with consumers, with potential customers and with customers. This will keep products and services together with consumers throughout the company’s journey.

For this example of an inbound marketing marketing strategy, the message to be conveyed to consumers is considered very important. Because the message must be precise and relevant. In contrast to marketing strategies that tend to annoy consumers and are boring.

9. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one example of a marketing strategy that may be familiar. Even so, this marketing strategy with telemarketing is still considered effective and can be done by some companies.

Marketing done in this way will use a direct marketing method. The process is for a salesperson to offer a service or product over a telephone line.

It can also be done via web conferencing. This is in accordance with the agreement of the prospective customers.

An example of a telemarketing marketing strategy is offering insurance to customers. You can also offer postpaid sim card services.

10. Email marketing

Email marketing is one example of a marketing strategy that can also be done. Email marketing is a procedure carried out by marketers. The goal is to achieve the purpose of marketing it.

Marketers will send an email advertising to several consumers or audiences. Those who are emailed are the target business of that marketing

Although it is considered an example of an effective marketing strategy, it is important to know what the right strategy is to do email marketing. The reason is, through unattractive titles and content, as well as repeated submissions, it will make email marketing not be opened by the target.

In fact, the target can feel annoyed. This can make marketing emails go to spam or even be deleted by the audience.

There are several types of email marketing that are wrongly used in this example of a marketing strategy

Such as email press releases, email newsletters and transactional emails.

11. Referral program

Examples of this marketing strategy may have often been heard. In fact, you may not even realize you’ve used it. The referral program is a strategy that really needs the role of consumers and potential customers. This is because this example of a marketing strategy uses consumers directly in it.

The trick is to encourage consumers to tell potential customers. Many large companies are successful in applying this marketing strategy. Such as securities companies, lodging rental companies and so on.

12. Conversational marketing

An example of a final marketing strategy is conversational marketing. Just as the name suggests, conversational marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on a conversation.

Conversations will take place in real time, namely through various media. Like live chat or chatbot. With this strategy, consumers and potential customers will get the information they need directly. They can ask questions and even make transactions quickly.

Conversational marketing will be very effective. Especially for B2C businesses. Because, it can improve the quality of a business’s customer service. And can keep consumers in the flow of purchases.

Marketing strategy is a very useful thing to facilitate the promotion process of a product or service. Companies can also get fast target consumers. The goal is to support their business growth in the future.

A company can choose more from the examples of marketing strategies above. As long as all the strategies implemented are effective.

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