13 Promotional Goals and Effective Ways to Achieve Them

13 Promotional Goals and Effective Ways to Achieve Them

Nikereact.orgPromotion is a marketing activity carried out to introduce an item, so that it can attract public interest. Those of you who sell or have your own business, of course, often do this to attract more buyers. However, that’s not all, because the promotion also has other purposes, which can be seen through the full review below.

What is Promotion?

13 Promotional Goals and Effective Ways to Achieve Them

Many think that promotion is very difficult to do, but not by those who are used to doing it. Why should we do promotions? So, promotion is a term that is very often used in marketing activities.

In the world of work, promotion is also known as binding the rank of employees or workers in maintaining their position in a company. In contrast to the world of marketing which defines promotion as an activity to improve or develop something in a better direction.

Something in question can be a product, an item, or a company. However, promotions that are often carried out or carried out are in the field of promotion. Talking about the world of marketing, someone does promotion by communicating with someone or the community who has a broad relationship.

The goal is still to introduce newly released products and influence them to buy, even use them. Marketers are a term for people who do it, where they are used to doing it everyday.

The activities they carry out will usually incorporate a number of forms of promotion, such as using advertisements, rebates, or the company’s brand for an item. For example, there are shoe products that advertise on television to introduce their latest releases at discounted prices. They can inform them at any time and make sales from anywhere.

There are many ways to do marketing, as well as the media to be used. In several methods, promotion has experienced rapid development through print media, billboards, radio, television, billboards, and most especially social media.

Definition of Promotion According to Experts

Experts have their own opinion regarding promotions carried out to develop a business. Because its function is to get as much profit as possible, people must have done this before.

1. Fandy Tjiptono

According to Fandy, promotion is marketing communication that is done to influence, convey something, persuade, and increase the target market of a company. Promotions are also carried out so that the products sold can be well received by the public, so that they can participate in buying and using them.

2. Zimmerer

All forms of persuasive communication that are persuasive and can influence consumers. The design of the communication aims to inform customers of goods or services so that they become more interested, even in the scope of publicity, advertising, and personal purposes.

3. Lupiyoadi’s vines

Promotion is said to be a variable that can suffice the product marketing of a company. Promotional activities are also not just a form of communication between sellers and potential buyers, but also a tool to influence consumers in using goods and services so that their lives become easier.

4. Indriyo Gitosudarmo

Promotion is an activity carried out by marketers to influence potential consumers to be more familiar with a product. Thanks to the offer, they will be happy and have the desire to have it for a long time.

5. Philip Kotler

Promotion is a marketing strategy that involves communicating with the target market through the marketing mix method. You will often hear this term when studying marketing methods.

The marketing mix has 12 concepts consisting of product planning, to display. However, the twelve concepts have been simplified from time to time to only four concepts consisting of product, promotion, price, and place.

The purpose of holding this marketing mix is to realize certain goals when marketing is carried out. So, the company has a specific goal, apart from wanting to develop its business to become more advanced.

Promotional Purpose to Generate Business

Several other promotional goals that you need to know, in fact, play a big role for business progress. The more advanced your business is, the more benefits you will get. Here are some promotional objectives if the business can be run well.

1. Able to Get Market Attention Quickly

Where do you usually get information regarding new brands? Of course, from the promotional program they have done.

Although the types of activities carried out may vary or vary, a good promotion certainly will not go unnoticed by the public. When an ojek driver gets a luxury car as a prize, people will be more curious and want to get a similar prize.

2. Maintaining Consumer Loyalty

Consumer loyalty is a big advantage for a business actor, but competitors are always there to win customers by other promotional means. It’s different if you are always diligent in promoting with various attractive offers, surely consumers will remain loyal to use your product.

For those of you who have a business, selling products to loyal consumers will certainly feel easier. The probability of success, can even reach 60-70%.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is very important and plays a big role for online businesses. This can strengthen the relationship between products and consumers in the long term.

For example, if you want to buy mineral water, people will call it Aqua. Likewise with instant noodles because people are more used to calling it Indomie. Strong branding will make your product always attached and remembered by consumers.

4. Increase Product Sales Potential.

The key, a good promotion can definitely boost sales, even reaching a percentage of 100%. The company takes a creative and innovating approach to its products to be different from competitors.

Effective Ways to Achieve Promotional Goals

Those of you who own a business, whether it’s with online development or direct marketing, can use strategies or tips to make it more effective. The key, your business will bring promising profits if the promotion is done properly.

Well, because the benefits of promotions are really promising, it means you have to make the most of it, right? There are many promotions that can be done for your online or real products.

1. Giving Discounts or Discounts

Price is still the main factor for consumers and sellers who want to make a purchase transaction. Therefore, promotions or discounts will always be eagerly awaited by customers.

Why do they always wait for discounts or rebates? Of course because the discount can make the price cheap. Abroad, often held an event or events that present special discounts on the same day. If you have your own shop, of course, you can give discounts at will.

Of course, discounted prices can be given for all types of online businesses, such as the thrifting business, selling food, snacks, clothing, to furniture.

2. Provide Free Shipping

Those of you who use online shop applications to fulfill their needs by buying a number of products, of course, always look forward to free shipping. The increase in transactions in e-commerce is also supported by the ease of delivery of goods. Without waiting long or without walking out of the house, your goods can arrive at your house safely and quickly.

There have been many freight forwarders that provide the best service. However, high tariffs are still an obstacle for those who want to shop online or buy goods from somewhere.

In fact, the price of the desired product has been discounted and has become very cheap, but what does it mean if the shipping cost is very expensive? Therefore, you as a marketer can offer free shipping to attract more buyers. Not only consumers will benefit, but also more value when buying products.

3. Offer Cashback

Who doesn’t want cashback when buying a product? Cashback or money back is the target of buyers. Cashback cannot be given free of charge to all buyers because there are certain terms and conditions that must be followed. For example, a minimum purchase of a certain nominal.

Even so, cashback can still be a strategy to increase the number of purchases on your product. When you visit a large marketplace or online shop, the cashback offered is definitely there.

4. Hold a Flash Sale

Flash sales are a method of selling in a short period of time, as the name suggests. Limited number of items at low prices. Some of you must be familiar with flash sales from one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia because indeed, this promotional strategy has proven to be useful.

Because the system is a first-come-first-served one, many potential customers certainly don’t want to miss this. The proof is that flash sales have really succeeded in hitting the market and making products always in demand like hotcakes.

5. Buy One Get One

Of course, you will feel happy when you spend money to buy only one product, but instead get one more product. Profits are doubled, even saving expenses.

Consumers will benefit if they buy a buy one get one free product, but what’s up with the seller? It doesn’t matter when the seller uses it to introduce new products while earning better profits in the future. Actually, consumers have bought two products at once which will increase production activities.

6. Giving Gifts

A gift is something special and can make a person happy when receiving it. The way of this promotion is by giving a gift as a trailer for the product to be sold.

Actually, there are many types of gifts or gifts that can be used as a product. For example, you buy a cellphone and get a softcase as a gift that can protect the item from scratches or cracks.

Shops for fashion, accessories, or beauty products usually provide beautiful souvenirs for those who have decided to buy. Of course, shopping time will be more enjoyable and valuable.

7. Collect Rewards Points

What if after shopping, you will get a lot of reward points? This promotion can be done through the customer loyalty program. This means that loyal consumers who buy your product must get special offers related to this reward.

This promotional strategy has been carried out by business people. For example, say you have a car wash business. You can share special promo cards, so that every time a customer, they will get a special sticker to collect.

8. Using Vouchers and Promo Codes

You may have received a meal voucher when you bought a certain book or received a voucher when shopping in a large amount. In this increasingly modern era, e-vouchers are starting to be used to replace business vouchers. This can be proven from business people who distribute vouchers from their stores via email.

By utilizing this promotional strategy, you will have a high chance to increase your income (revenue). Whatever business you run, this high opportunity is still of great value and plays an important role.

9. Provide Warranty

When buying electronic goods, you must have often been met with the term warranty. Why is there always a guarantee on a certain product? Guarantees can make consumers feel more secure and calm when buying a product.

The types of guarantees offered have various types, namely quality of goods, authenticity of goods, to competitive prices. This effort can be carried out according to the type of product or service offered.

In the type of business that offers products of the same type, competition among competitors in terms of price can indeed occur. Not infrequently consumers will hear the statement of the seller who will pay the price difference if the price from competitors turns out to be cheaper.

In addition, stores that always prioritize product quality will use promotional taglines such as ‘guaranteed original!’ or ‘get the best products only from our store’.

10. Providing Holiday Promos

Vacation is the moment that everyone looks forward to the most, where they can refresh their minds, even see amazing sights. Everyone will carry out their plans to visit tourist destinations according to their wishes.

This is what makes holiday promotions also offered by sellers or business owners, accompanied by accommodation and transportation as facilities. Holiday promos can be in the form of discounts or rebates, depending on the desire for vacation.

However, you can also apply holiday promotions to other types of businesses so that they can attract more fans. For example, online businesses in the field of education that offer free registration.

11. Offer Tester

Have you ever received an offer to taste a bite of food while walking in a shopping center? Or, have you ever ordered coffee and got a bonus creamer to get a higher quality taste?

The promotion method by giving a tester aims to see consumer reactions when tasting it. For every purchase made by a customer, you can include a little new product in a small package.

Unlike souvenirs or gifts, testers are made to introduce new products to potential buyers. If the consumer response looks positive, you can continue the promotion to hit the market and get more profits.

12. Special Price for Wholesale Purchase

Wholesale prices are special prices given to consumers when buying products in certain quantities. Promotions at wholesale prices are more profitable for both parties at once, be it from the seller or the buyer.

If you want products to sell faster, this strategy for wholesale goods is a must try. Promotions at wholesale prices are generally used by stationery and fashion businesses.

13. Giving Giveaway

Giveaway is a way of promotion by giving away products for free or for free. The products distributed for this giveaway can be in the form of their own products or other people’s products, so consumers must follow all the conditions to participate.

Something good will bear sweet fruit, as well as the promotions you do. Don’t waste the opportunity because there are many powerful ways that can be done to achieve promotional goals in a short time.

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