Advertising Objectives: Definition, Characteristics, Types and Terms

Advertising Objectives Definition, Characteristics, Types and Terms

Nikereact.orgThe most basic purpose of advertising is to persuade, inform, and remind. The goal is indeed not much different from the promotion goal so that it becomes easier for the public to understand the information conveyed. Want to know other purposes of an ad? Here is the review.

What is Advertising?

Advertising Objectives Definition, Characteristics, Types and Terms

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Advertising has a very important role in marketing and promotion. Therefore, people can get to know a product specifically only from an advertisement or marketing tool. That way, the profit from a sale will increase even more because it has succeeded in grabbing people’s attention.

The purpose of advertising in essence is needed by promotional activities because it can be delivered through several media, such as radio or television. Because it has a very important role, advertising must be used as well as possible by companies that promote their products.

Before understanding more about the purpose of advertising, you must know the definition of advertising itself. Advertising is a promotional medium that contains sentences that are persuasive or inviting people. In addition to attracting buyers to want to buy products and use them, advertisements also contain messages.

Advertising is used to promote commercial issues and it takes readers to do a lot of good. According to the KBBI itself, advertising means news orders that are encouraging, to persuade the general public to be interested in using goods or services.

Advertising is also defined as a notification to the public about the product or goods being sold. The notification will be distributed through mass media such as newspapers or magazines in public places.

Definition of Advertising According to Experts

Experts give their opinion regarding the definition of advertising. Here are some lists that you can know.

1. Kotler

Advertising is a form of presentation of promotional ideas or non-personal presentations relating to goods or services from a particular sponsor. That way, advertisements are widely used by companies and sponsors, so they must be fairly official and acceptable to the public.

2. Rachmat Kriyantono

Advertising becomes a form of conveying a message about a product and will be conveyed to several media. The financing is completed by the initiator and is also allocated to the community.

3. Rhenald Kasali

According to him, advertising is a message used to offer a product through various media. Therefore, advertising has great potential to be accepted by the public.

4. Stanton

Advertising means activities carried out by the public in showing something to the audience in a non-personal manner. However, the sponsor must be clearer and have a cost to convey the message of the organization, as well as the specific product.

5. Fandy Tjiptono

Advertising is a form of promotion that is easiest to do and is used by many companies. That’s what will make the kingdom, also know how to solve it.

6. Basu Swastha and Ibn Sukotjo

A different perspective came from Basu Swastha, and Ibnu Sukotjo who stated that advertising is a form of non-individual communication equipped with a number of costs to carry out promotions on various media, such as companies, individuals, and even non-profit institutions.

Although their opinions reflect similar opinions, there are still some other differences that you can notice from advertising. For example, sponsors play an important role in disseminating advertisements to the public or residents of an area, so this form of promotion is classified as advertising.

Advertising and advertising are something different, where advertising emphasizes a process, while advertising is more focused on the news. That way, you can understand deeply the two terms, right?

7. Sutisna

Sutisna defines advertising as a form of promotion to direct a group of people to think about certain goals by using special media. Meanwhile, advertising is carried out by companies and individuals. Advertising is done by sponsors by spending money on media that can market the product.

Advertising Concept and Purpose

Those of you who are interested in working in the advertising world, must know what the real purpose of advertising is. Because you have to know the purpose of doing an activity, the process will run more regularly and produce the desired result.

Understanding or knowing the principles of advertising can make the form of promotion in accordance with the intended target.

1. Commercial Advertising

Being in the world of marketing is indeed considered difficult for some people, but for those of you who like a challenge, it is mandatory to take it further. Interestingly, you are required to always update the information, and be sensitive to understand the wishes of consumers.

One of the things you can do to make this dream come true is to master the purpose of making advertisements. The first objective of making advertisements is to support the rules for creating product campaigns, advertising distribution services, and marketing.

There are several kinds of commercial ads, you know what you can know. Continue reading for some of the sequence numbers below.

2. Advertising Strategy

Those of you who are really interested in pursuing the world of marketing, especially advertising for marketing, should learn this one type. As the name suggests, you will use certain strategies or methods to brand products or products by introducing the benefits of the product as well as possible.

Of course, the goal or target of strategic advertising is to build the best possible market share in order to build perspective on the target market. The characteristics or characteristics of advertising is to highlight a special side to convince consumers to become more interested.

3. Tactical Ads

You may have just heard of this type of advertising because the goal is to realize an urgent purpose. From product offerings or or advertising materials, marketing aims to lead quickly, and immediately. That way, marketing in the short term can generate profits.

Tactical advertising methods have often been used lately because they want to attract buyers to buy products quickly so they don’t run out of stock. The term that is better known to the public is limited edition or offering discounts to make it considered limited.

4. Corporate Advertising

This type of advertising is a type of advertisement with the aim of building positive branding for the company. For example, you highlight good deeds or activities that will be carried out by the company.

You could say, corporate advertising is a strategic advertisement that involves linking company names for branding purposes. That’s why, he said, if you already have a name, selling anything becomes easier and can be recognized by the wider community.

The hallmark of this advertisement is to introduce its corporate value to highlight the company’s value in product quality control. That way, his concern for the surrounding environment can be increasingly shown to support the launch of the brand, even a logo that reflects the company.

5. Public Service Advertising

As the name implies, this type is a public service that focuses more on marketing campaigns. So, public service advertising does not only sell goods, products, or services. They will also sell ideas and ideas for the community and service needs.

Public service advertising intends to convey a message that is unique and slightly different from other messages. The characteristics of public service advertisements are making appeals and invitations to the public to want to do something to achieve a common goal.

For example, the ad will provide information about disposing of trash in its place, to respect other people’s opinions. They can also receive requests for more respect for public holidays to be tolerant of religious differences.

Seeing from some understanding of the purpose of the advertisement, actually advertising can play an important role as an invitation to attitude or behavior towards the community. However, it is not just about introducing or having the opportunity to buy the advertised product. Public service advertisements play an important role in making people aware so they can care more about the environment.

Advertising Features

If you look at the characteristics, there are several types of advertisements that you can note or study. Curious? Here is the list.

1. Using Short Words

What does it mean to use short words? Those of you who are going to make advertisements, of course, have to really pay attention to the choice of words or the use of diction. You will be a copywriter who must know that advertising is very selective on diction.

Why is it said to be very selective? If the words you use are inappropriate or unattractive when you read them, buyers will certainly find it difficult to be interested in the products you promote. Well, writing an ad is also not at all the same as making an outpouring status because the effectiveness of the words and the length of the creative must really be considered.

A good and true ad is an ad that uses interesting, polite, and logical words. In order to realize this purpose, it really takes a creativity so that the advertisement can attract the attention of its readers.

2. Diction is a suggestion

The choice of words (diction) is indeed influencing others because the choice of words should take the form of an invitation. Although the form of the invitation is not conveyed directly, it is certain that the writing of the advertising material contains material called hard selling and also soft selling.

Those of you who are studying the world of marketing, of course, already know a lot about this. Of the two types, you can choose according to your needs or the way you have mastered it.

3. Informative

When you talk about an advertisement, what comes to your mind? Maybe an invitation or promotion of products and services to immediately buy the product. As it turns out, there are several other important elements used in creating ads and every ad that is going to be loaded, must have several important things.

Ads must still highlight and show detailed information so that it can be useful for readers. Whether it’s information about products, the importance of using them, to information related to public services, as well as a number of other information that is still embedded.

Information related to moral messages can also be embedded for readers, depending on the purpose and function for which it is intended. Even though the advertisements that are placed contain product promotions, we as creative writers can add aphorisms.

4. Targeted

The last feature that is very important for you before creating an ad is to understand their target audience. For example, you want to make an advertisement about dairy products that usually have children as consumers.

They are in their infancy, so consuming milk is the right solution to get nutrition.

There is also dish soap which is more intended for housewives or cigarettes which are specifically for gentlemen. In essence, all

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