Definition of Advertising: Characteristics, Functions, Purpose and Examples

Definition of Advertising Characteristics, Functions, Purpose and Examples

Nikereact.orgAdvertising is an easy way to increase the appeal of products and services. Understanding what an advertisement is can be learned from its meaning, with examples, purposes, features, and even the type of display of the advertisement itself. This knowledge will give  a better understanding of what billboards are and their relation to advertising, namely understanding the meaning of billboards placed in various places.

can also understand why various roadside posters continue to attract attention. For example, the strategy of installing billboards facing traffic lights. If  stops right at a red light,  may accidentally read the message in the advertisement. Therefore, there will be many people who accidentally see the advertisements of various products and services in these advertisements and are influenced.

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In this way, will get more information about the product and subconsciously know about it. Furthermore,  can also see and observe why advertisements in the form of the same billboard appear over and over again. Actually it’s useless if you have to print a lot of posters to promote. Moreover, the cost of renting a board is not cheap.

What is Advertising?

Definition of Advertising Characteristics, Functions, Purpose and Examples

may already be familiar with billboards, but did  know what a billboard is? According to the KBBI, advertising means publishing a product with attractive words and pictures.

This term can also be interpreted as an advertisement within the meaning of its definition in the KBBI. Using this understanding as a basis, then advertising can be interpreted as a term used in techniques to promote products and services with attractive fonts and images.

It goes without saying that there are examples of billboards in the form of large signboards on the side of the road because they are a matter of text and images. In practice, the last signs are large because they focus on letters and pictures. Due to its large size, many people can clearly see the letters and pictures on the billboard.

This will allow  to send correct information about its products or services more easily. Advertisements allow more people to become acquainted with the products and services that  offers.

As previously mentioned, this is very much in line with the idea of ​​billboards that can reach a wider audience of  business targets. KBBI states that the meaning of billboard as a sign can also be interpreted as an advertisement, but in practice and in reality the two terms advertising and billboards have slight differences.

This form of advertising usually contains very detailed information. We can see the various benefits of products and services in advertisements. Usually,  can also find ad concepts in very long text. can also actually find advertisements in the form of articles. In addition, in principle, advertising also uses print media such as magazines and pamphlets.

Unlike ads, billboard fonts are more limited. These restricted fonts should be used to properly convey the listed products or services. Therefore, this advertising medium uses attractive images and fonts to convey information about the listed products or services. This is what makes advertising and billboard content very different.  can learn to convey information through Corel Draw as summarized in the following book “Vector Design Creations With Corel Draw”.

Advertising Features

In order to understand the difference between an advertisement and other forms of advertising,  can understand it through the characteristics or characteristics of an advertisement, such as the following:

1. Using Interesting Images

The main feature of advertisements is to have large, attractive and eye-catching images. Images are usually larger than text and help to grab the public’s attention. The images used in advertisements usually use eye-catching colors and use symbolic or striking image advertisements related to the characteristics of the products offered.

2. Short, Clear, and Easy to Understand Sentences

In the world of advertising, including making advertisements, we tend to use text that is generally short, clear, and easy to understand. Billboards are usually posted by the side of the road, so if the text is too long, it may be difficult to digest the information at a glance.

3. Honest Information

The information contained in the advertisement must be in the form of information that can be justified. Even though it is offering, it must have a basis for providing honest information so that the audience believes to buy or is influenced by the billboard concept created.

4. Repeatedly

Given the importance of billboards, this form of advertising must be installed repeatedly to attract people’s attention. Placing an advertisement only once will reduce the reach of those who know the product being offered. If  wants to place an advertisement only once and reach many people, then  can use advertisements that are strategically located on the side of the road.

Advertising Function

Advertisements have various functions and uses in their procurement. As someone who saw such billboards on the roadside every day,  could feel. These ads will help  get to know your products and services. As a regular viewer,  must be familiar with the product or service listed in the billboard.

Especially if  passes by every day, especially when the billboard is on the street. To really remember,  had to read and look at the billboards over and over again. That way,  can understand the product or service.

Since s already has information about the product or service to be offered,  can make a more informed decision to decide whether to use the product or service.

Good advertising can make you more confident that you are using a product or service. It’s not the other way around that it’s impossible to want the product or service.

Another function of billboards is to be able to easily see when to use the product or service. This is because they have knowledge of products and services, so they can have approximate ideas when they need them.

Then you will also know how to get the product or service when you really need it. This is because billboards usually contain information on how to get them. Therefore, you can follow the listed methods whenever you need it.

An example of the type of information on this billboard is a statement that the product is available in several nearby supermarkets. For services, information is usually in the form of contacts who can be relied upon to order the services offered. The following are the function points or benefits of advertisements:

  1. Providing information to the public about a brand of products, services, and other general information of a social nature or about election partners
  2. Influencing the public to buy or use the products and services offered
  3. Give a positive impression on the public towards the goods and services offered
  4. Provide satisfaction to consumers with these goods and services
  5. Become a medium of information and communication between sellers and potential buyers
  6. Inviting the public to follow and obey the regulations or warnings according to the government’s appeal
  7. Increase public awareness of the information conveyed in billboards. For example, increasing public awareness about the dangers of drugs.

The success of the promotion of the advertisement cannot be separated from the creativity of a marketing communication in conveying the message. Presumably a marketing communication needs to make the right strategy as summarized in the book “Creative Promotion Strategies & Integrated Marketing Communication Case Analysis”. This book comprehensively discusses how to develop a creative strategy to an effective budget.

Advertising Purpose

In addition,  also needs to know the purpose of using this form of billboard. The main purpose of using it is to make the offered product or service more popular. In this way, the number of people who are interested in the products and services will also increase. There are two types of advertisements that can be categorized for this purpose. The first is for commercial billboard use and the second is for non-commercial use.

1. Commercial Advertising

As already mentioned, the purpose of commercial advertisements is to promote the listed products or services. This type usually focuses on providing information about a product or service. The information contained in the poster is also usually lacking in detail. The use of short and clear words is always synonymous with this one thing.

The word is usually used in the form of an invitation to attract people’s interest in using the listed product or service. In addition, there are usually some who use unique words easily so that people can easily remember these words. In this way, users can easily remember the products or services offered.

Then these unique words usually become a conversation in the community. It can also increase the attractiveness of the listed products and services. Basically, the purpose of commercial billboards is to increase the demand for the product or service being offered and allow the owner to earn more profit.

2. Non-Commercial Advertising

Unlike the previous ones, non-commercial advertisements are not really aimed at generating more profit for their owners. As the name implies, this form of advertising has nothing to do with commercialization. These forms of billboards are often found in schools and other government agencies. The contents of billboards are usually related to government programs such as community service and scholarship programs.

Because of their proximity to the government, the committee that puts up the billboards is usually provided directly by the government. Therefore, the competent authority must install it in accordance with government recommendations.

This type of advertisement is usually intended to invite the general public to participate in government programs. Messages about government programs must be properly communicated using compelling, concise, and clear text. Thus, the general public can clearly obtain information about the program without any misinformation.

In addition to government programs, it usually includes an invitation to the movement. For example, the movement to wear masks and maintain distance to overcome the current pandemic. Things like that are usually also government recommendations. However, there are also mass groups who are involved in eco-friendly, spreading these good movements, and renting out these forms of billboards. Of course, knowing these two different goals will help  better understand the purpose of advertising, both to promote products and not to make profit.

Examples and Types of Advertisements

In the previous point,  already knows what an advertisement is and two types of advertisements, namely commercial and non-commercial advertisements. This type is grouped based on the purpose of procurement. There are also advertisements aimed at benefiting from the products and services offered. Then there is the type of non-profit that aims to invite people to follow the movement.

Alternatively, it can take the form of community government service. In addition to procurement purposes,  can classify advertisements according to type, location, and media, as follows:

1. Based on its nature

One of them is to classify the types of advertisements based on their nature. Based on these properties, we can determine that there are three distinct properties. By their nature, this grouping is divided into informative, warning, and interesting displays.

2. Illuminating

This type of advertisement is an advertisement whose content is informational. This type of content focuses on the information conveyed. Therefore, the use of words also leads to something useful and not convincing.

The main purpose of this type of information is to provide information to the general public. The focus is on ensuring that registered information is properly communicated to the general public.

Do not include misleading words or phrases so that the information disseminated to the public does not become vague or vague because it has been ambiguous from the start. Examples of such advertisements include obtaining driving licenses and ID cards, and registering new students.

3. Warning

This type of billboard means that the purpose of the written message is to warn the general public about what is important. One should not ignore this warning, as it usually contains a very important message that people need to pay attention to.

In addition to warning messages about something, images are usually included so that the signs in the billboards are more informative and the general public pays more attention through images. An example of this type of advertisement is to warn road users to always be careful when driving.

4. Inviting

Then there are advertisements that are invitations. This type usually uses catchy words and phrases to get people interested in accepting the listed invitations. This type can include the purchase of a product, use of a service, or an invitation to move that is not related to a specific product or service. An example of this type of advertisement is wearing a mask and asking to keep your distance to break the chain of the COVID-19 outbreak.

5. Based on the Place of Installation

can then group the types of advertisements according to where they are installed. Two types of advertisements are available based on this location, there are indoor types and outdoor types, as follows:

a. Indoor Type

Displays included in this type are usually displays that are installed indoors. In general, the material for this advertisement is not resistant to outdoor weather. Therefore, this type of ad may not last long if  is outdoors. Examples of this type are often found in shopping centers such as malls.

b. Outdoor Type

This type of advertisement is the type that usually finds on the roadside. This type of outdoor design is usually designed to withstand the heat of the sun and rain. So that this type of outdoor can survive and stay in good condition. In this case, the size is usually larger than the indoor type. This is because it is outdoors, so if it is too small, the text and images will not be clearly visible. Examples include banners, billboards, and signs.

6. Based on the medium

a. Audio Media

This advertisement will utilize audio as the delivery of information. An example is radio.

b. Visual Media

This media advertisement will utilize visuals such as text and images to convey information. An example is billboards on the side of the road.

c. Audio Visual Media

This type of advertisement utilizes audio and visuals to convey information. Examples are advertisements on YouTube or television.

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