Definition of Innovation: Benefits, Forms and Examples

Definition of Innovation Benefits, Forms and Examples

Nikereact.orgIn life, of course we want something to grow. Because life is stagnant and that’s all it will be boring. Therefore, there are times when we need something new and challenging. Something new we can call innovation. In life, there are many innovations that can be applied.

Whether in education, business, society, or in other fields. Innovation will be needed to get something new and better. If you want to learn more about the meaning of innovation, then this article will explain about it. So, read the article to the end to get an insight into what innovation is.

Definition of Innovation According to Several Characters

Definition of Innovation Benefits, Forms and Examples

Innovation is something new and does not exist in general. This innovation itself is synonymous with young people. Because the young soul still has a lot of energy and thoughts. That way, many new and unique things were born from the youth. Nowadays, these young people are better known as the millennial generation. The definition of innovation according to some experts are as follows:

1. According to Nurdin (2016)

The definition of innovation according to Nurdin is something new, which is introduced and carried out by new practices or processes (either goods or services) or it can be something new but the result of adoption from other organizations.

2. According to Saud (2014)

Then according to Saud, innovation is a creative choice, arrangement, and set of people with new material sources, and also using unique ways to produce improvements to the achievements that have been the previous goal.

3. According to Kuniyoshi Urabe

According to Kuniyoshi Urabe, innovation is not defined as a one-time phenomenon, but rather something that requires a long and cumulative process. Among them are the decision-making processes by members of the organization, starting from the discovery of ideas or ideas to marketing targets.

4. Van de ven, Andrew H

According to Van de ven, Andrew H, innovation is the development and implementation of new ideas that are carried out by someone within a certain period of time with certain transaction activities within the organization.

5. Stephen Robbins

Furthermore, according to Stephen, innovation is a new idea or idea which is applied to initiate and update an existing product, process, or service.

6. Everett M Rogers

Then according to Rogers, the notion of innovation is an idea, motorcycle taxi, idea, and practice that is based on and accepted as a new thing, either by a person or group to be applied or adopted.

What Are the Characteristics of Innovation?

There are several characteristics of the existence of innovation, including:

1. New

The first characteristic of innovation is novelty. Because everything that is created because of this innovation is something that did not exist before, or is perfecting what already exists. This new concept was created from a hard thought on the maximum utilization of existing natural resources without compromising their function and role.

New innovation also means that the idea is pure and has never been used by anyone. Even though it already exists, it means that it is adopted because it is suitable as a solution.

2. Planned

An innovation will be planned according to the desired conditions. This is important because it will affect the future. Because it is done on purpose, innovation is carried out with a thorough, clear, and planned process and preparation, so that the process is not rushed. Without planning, of course, anything can lead to disappointment.

3. Distinctive

The third characteristic of innovation is distinctive. As something new, innovation will have its own characteristics. Even though it is the result of adoption, there must be a distinctiveness that is raised. With application in a new place, innovation will create its own uniqueness, even though it begins with adoption.

4. Have a clear goal

Finally, the hallmark of innovation is the existence of a clear goal. Based on clear knowledge, there will be certain objects that are studied and want to be developed. That way, the direction and purpose of the innovation is clear beforehand. Without a clear object, innovation can be misdirected and not implemented properly. It may even fail to implement.

Innovation Benefits

As something that is developed and made new, innovation has benefits as well as goals. As the notion of innovation has been explained above, innovation is an idea or idea that requires a process in its realization. In this way, goals are also the hallmark of an innovation. So, here are some of the benefits of innovation:

1. Provide solutions to solve problems

One of the benefits of innovation is being able to solve problems. Something new can replace the old thing that feels full of problems. The presence of new ideas and ideas makes every problem that exists can be solved properly. Especially for product problems, if there are old products that can no longer be marketed, innovations must be made to attract public interest in these products in the market.

2. Increase one’s productivity

By thinking up new ideas and ideas, it means that a person will take the time to use his brilliant mind. Not only thoughts, but innovation will also grow when someone conducts experiments or research. So that by innovating, it means that the person has also taken advantage of the time to stay productive at work and work. And this can also be done by many people, be it bosses, employees, students or lecturers.

3. Increase toughness

Someone who innovates tends to have the ability to take advantage of their intelligence. That is, he is also tough, because to produce an innovation, the person must adapt to new problems and think about solving these problems.

4. Can produce something unique

Innovation can produce or even create unique and quality things. Especially people who have innovation are classified as quality people. Moreover, when the innovation he made was successfully realized, it means he could produce something new and different from the existing one.

That was the benefit of innovation. Of course, innovating will also be useful for someone in improving their quality. Because innovation is born from brilliant ideas and ideas from the results of someone’s thoughts and experiments.

Innovation Goal

So what is the purpose of doing innovation? Here’s the answer:

1. Improve quality

The main purpose of innovation is to improve the quality of something, be it a product or service. Innovations that come with new ideas and ideas are expected to be able to make a product or service much more valuable and quality than before.

2. Expand the network

With its novelty, it is hoped that a product or service can reach more markets. Innovation is also expected to be able to widen the business wings of a business. Like e-commerce businesses that are growing widely today. The range of innovation products will of course also be wider, because people like something new.

3. Can create new markets

Innovation on the results of a product or service, will be able to provide opportunities to open new markets. Opportunities for unique and interesting things, especially those that have never existed before, are certainly very wide open.

4. Become a substitute for the previous product

With innovation, previously existing products can be replaced with new ones. Moreover, if the previous product or service was not effective and efficient, innovation can be born to make the product or service even better than before.

Forms of Innovation and Examples

Until now, of course, there have been very many innovations in various fields. Both in the fields of technology, education, economics, and various other types of fields. The innovations that are present provide fresh air for everyone, because their existence can be a solution to various shortcomings that existed before. Innovations that are born from new ideas are also often a solution to existing problems. The following are the forms of innovation as well as examples:

1. Technological Innovation

The first form of innovation is innovation in the field of technology. Where this innovation was born to provide convenience for humans in carrying out various daily activities. The most rapidly growing innovation in technology is social media. In the past, social media could be enjoyed in a very limited way, but now its development is actually very rapid.

With the incessant globalization and discoveries of experts, social media comes with features that greatly facilitate communication between people. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube and other social media. Now everyone can connect both through audio and audio visual with various people from far away places.

2. Transportation Innovation

Second, there is innovation in the field of transportation. Where the means of transportation are now easier to find. In addition to product innovations, such as the presence of electric cars and motorcycles, as well as those that are environmentally friendly because they do not require gasoline, there are many other innovations. Transportation services have also changed for the better.

In the past, people had difficulty traveling quickly because they had to wait for other passengers, now there are online motorcycle taxis that can be ordered privately. Even the development of online motorcycle taxis is also very rapid, to the point of reaching out to grab car orders which are much easier to do. These online motorcycle taxis and grab cars are examples of innovations that are present as solutions in the midst of transportation problems experienced by the community. So do not be surprised if the community welcomes it enthusiastically.

3. Educational Innovation

In the world of education, innovation also plays a role. One of them can be seen from the inclusion of an anti-corruption curriculum in schools. This, of course, was initiated by the rampant practice of corruption in Indonesia. With massive education through anti-corruption learning in schools, it is hoped that corruption can be reduced. The new curriculum is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the KPK.

4. Public Service Innovation

Furthermore, there are innovations in the field of public services. There are many public services that are now easier to do since there are innovations in various fields. Like services that used to only be done manually, now they can be done online.

The emergence of technology provides opportunities for various public services to be carried out easily. Various services that require transactions can also be done without coming directly to the public service office. This changes the public’s view of the bureaucracy which has been considered a frightening specter.

5. Health Innovation

Then there are innovations in the health sector. There is much that can be done in this area. Many new discoveries can improve public health. One of them is when the corona virus becomes a pandemic. The Peduli Protect application was created which aims to detect a person’s journey so that when someone is indicated to have Covid, their whereabouts can be immediately identified.

6. Crowdfunding Innovation

Innovation in the field of Crowdfunding is one of the innovations in the social sector. This innovation provides services in the form of direct appeals for funds to the community. An example is when someone is involved in a charitable organization, such as an abandoned stray cat rescue organization.

In building an organization, of course, it takes a lot of funds. Moreover, to maintain stray cats which are not small in number. So these organizations can open donations or charities through various platforms such as, NUcare, and other digital platforms to raise funds from donors out there. Well, part of raising funds that can be done online is a new innovation that is very beneficial for many people.

7. Governance Innovation

At number seven there is innovation in the field of government. There are many new ideas and ideas that arise in running the government. Especially innovations that arise from various community problems. The government certainly faces many challenges to resolve the thousands of complaints and problems experienced by its people.

Therefore, new thinking is needed to overcome these various things. But of course there will be gaps for the public to disagree with new innovations from the government. For example in the policy of making TIN and SIM renewal which can be done online.

It turned out that it gave birth to very convoluted rules and procedures. So when you want to implement an innovation in the field of government, it must be done carefully and requires a fairly long process.

8. Entrepreneurial Innovation

Next there is innovation in the field of entrepreneurship. Well, in this field there are many types of innovation. Starting from the innovation of food products, clothing, boards, and various other products. In the field of entrepreneurship, the community has wide opportunities to be able to give birth to more interesting and unique innovations from existing products.

In the culinary or food business, for example, the types of old snacks, if remade with an innovative taste that is much more delicious, will certainly sell well in the market. Especially now that there are a lot of old food sold on the roadside.

This will certainly make people want to return to nostalgia with past snacks which are now rarely found. For example, such as egg rolls, puthu cake, leker, and so on. In addition to the snacks of the past, there are also many innovations in food products with instant packaging.

Where people can make their own at home when they want without the need to queue to buy. Examples are instant aci meatballs, instant noodles, and various types of frozen food which are very easy to store. These foods also last a long time and can be stored back in the refrigerator or freezer to be cooked again at a later time.

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