Definition of Promotion (Promotion): Understanding of Experts, Types, and Examples

Definition of Promotion (Promotion) Understanding of Experts, Types, and Examples  –  Promotion is a term that of course we often hear everyday, especially for those of you who are used to working in the marketing field. Promotion itself is often referred to in Indonesian as promotion.

Well, this article will explain about the meaning of promotion in full and in depth. Not only that, there will also be a discussion about the purpose, types, and examples. Let’s see more!

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A. Understanding Promotion in General

Definition of Promotion (Promotion) Understanding of Experts, Types, and Examples

In general, in the world of work, promotion or promotion can be understood as a binding to the rank or position of employees within the company’s organizational structure. The purpose of binding the rank can also be interpreted as a promotion or we often hear the term promotion.

However, promotion or promotion has a different meaning in the world of marketing. In the world of marketing, promotion can be interpreted as an activity carried out in order to increase the development of something. Developments in marketing are different from work, marketing emphasizes the development of brands, products, or the company itself.

In this article, we will specifically discuss what the true meaning of promotion in the field of marketing is. Recently, promotion has become one of the most important ways for someone to develop their product or company.

So, promotion or promotion in the world of marketing is a communication activity carried out by a person or company to the wider community. The purpose of this promotion itself is actually to introduce a brand, product, or company to the public as well as to influence them to use or buy the product or service.

Prior to the recent campaign, promotion can be said to be an activity that is very common for marketers to carry out in conveying information related to a product or service. The purpose of promotion is of course still the same, namely influencing or moving potential consumers to want to buy goods or services offered by the company.

All activities that are directly or indirectly related will usually combine several forms of promotion, for example, such as advertisements, discounts, or company-branded t-shirts.

For example, in area A, it is known that there is a shoe shop that advertises on a social media platform. In advertisements displayed by social media, the shoe shop offers special prices for types of shoes with well-known brands. Not only that, shoe stores also include information that purchases can be made anytime and anywhere or known as online buying and selling.

Actually there are many ways to do promotions that can be done, even the methods and media in carrying out this promotion continue to develop. For example, conventional promotional media that are still widely used, such as print media, billboards, billboards, radio, and TV. With human activities that are mostly used on smart phones, it could be that promotions will be used more often through the internet.

B. Definition of Promotion According to Experts

After studying the discussion of promotion, in this section we will learn about what promotion actually means according to experts. Well, here are some opinions from experts about the meaning of promotion or promotion, including:

1. Harper Boyd

Harper Boyd revealed that promotion or promotion is an effort made in order to persuade or influence someone to be willing to accept a product, concept or idea.

2. Basu Swastha Dharmesta

Meanwhile, Basu Swastha Dharmesta said that promotion is an activity carried out in one direction with the aim of influencing other parties so as to produce an exchange in marketing.

3. Louis E. Boone & David L. Kurtz

Then, according to Louis E. Boone and David L. Kurtz, promotion can be interpreted as an effort to persuade, provide information, to influence purchasing decisions.

4. Fandy Tjiptono

Furthermore, Fandy Tjiptono argues that promotion can be regarded as a form of marketing communication carried out to disseminate information, influence, persuade, or increase the company’s target market. For Tjiptono, the purpose of the promotion is to make people able to accept, buy and also be loyal to the products offered by the company.

5. Philip Kotler

Next, Philip Kotler revealed that promotion is one part and also a marketing strategy process to form communication with the market through the composition of the marketing mix.

6. Indriyo Gitosudarmo

Finally, Indriyo Gitosudarmo explains about the notion of promotion or promotion is an activity carried out by certain parties to influence potential consumers so that they can get to know the products offered and make them happy and willing to buy the product.

B. The purpose of the promotion is

After knowing the general understanding and experts, in this section we will discuss the purpose of promotion. Each party who carries out promotional activities of course has a goal or achievement to be achieved. Well, based on the definition of promotion that has been described previously, the following are some of the promotional objectives that need to be known, including:

1. Provide information about a product widely to potential customers

2. Acquire and also reach new consumers and maintain the level of loyalty of these consumers.

3. Help increase sales and also company profits

4. Increase excellence and also differentiate a product from other products from competitors.

5. Building branding and product image of a brand in the eyes of consumers

6. Influence consumer assumptions and behavior on a product.

Therefore, we can conclude that the main purpose of promotion is to increase sales and also company profits, by touching the right potential customers.

C. Types of Promotion

The way a company or certain party does
marketing is very diverse. Each party doing promotions must always compete to create the right form and method of promotion for potential customers. Promotional activities themselves usually include things like, advertisements, press releases, consumer promotions, and much more.

For example, as stated by Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong. According to them, promotion can be done in five types or ways, namely from advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing.

However, in general, the various types of promotions that we often see can be divided based on, physical promotion, promotion through traditional media, promotion through digital media. Well, here are some types of promotions that we usually see, including:

1. Physical Promotion

The first type of promotion is physical promotion, this type of promotion is certainly very easy to find in everyday life, for example, during certain events or concerts, such as concerts, bazaars, exhibitions, and many more. Promotional activities like this can usually be implemented by opening a booth or place that can be used to offer products or services.

The advantage of this type of promotion is that it allows business people to be easier and closer and directly to reach and interact with potential consumers. Meanwhile, the drawback of this physical promotion is the limited reach of potential customers or only one type of target consumer.

Therefore, these promotional activities are usually held in special locations, ranging from offices, schools or campuses, malls, and so on. No wonder this promotion aims to reach everyone who is in that location.

2. Promotion Through Traditional Media

The second type of promotion is promotion through traditional media. In ancient times, this type of promotion could be said to be a very effective way or type of promotion to reach potential consumers so as to increase sales. Traditional media itself is a term used to describe media such as newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, TV, radio, billboards, banner ads, and many more.

This type of promotion through traditional media is also known to have many advantages over physical promotion. Promotion through traditional media will make it easier for a company to reach more target consumers in a long period of time. However, the drawback of promotion through traditional media is the high price for promotion, both in terms of media and the cost of the promotion itself.

3. Promotion Through Digital Media

Furthermore, this third type of promotion is a type of promotion that is currently being used, namely promotion through digital media. As previously stated, traditional media is a term for media that is not yet connected to the internet.

Digital media can be said to be the most modern promotional media today. Along with the rapid development of technology and information media, the way a company or company introduces a product or service has also experienced a significant impact. Promotions that can be done digitally include website networks, social media, search engines, applications, email, and much more.

Almost every entrepreneur who is already technology literate will tend to choose digital media as a way to promote his business. Digital media promotion is known to have a lower cost than traditional media. In addition, this type of promotion is also proven to be more effective and faster to reach more people.

However, as a new type of promotion, those who want to promote through digital media need to have high creativity. Not only that, digital media promotion needs to be carried out appropriately and sustainably to compete with other competitors. As a promotional media that is easy, cheap, fast, and precise, all parties or people have the same rights in doing promotions. Therefore, the main key to successful promotion through digital media is uniqueness and also the right target.

D. Some Examples of Promotions

After studying various things about promotion, ranging from general understanding, understanding of experts, objectives, to types. The following are some examples of promotions that you need to know, including:

1. New Product Promotion

The first example is the promotion of a new product. If there is a restaurant that has a new menu and wants to do promotions to consumers. One way that can be done is to provide as attractive an offer as possible so that consumers want to try it. Maybe you’ve often seen things like “buy one get one free” or “buy this menu and get one fresh drink bonus”

2. Promotions for More Attractive Offers

The second example is promotion by providing more attractive offers. It is often used by home marketing agencies to add value to home offerings. This promotion itself can make consumers feel as if they will get certain benefits when buying the house. For example, buying a house for free AC to having the opportunity to get a car or motorbike through a lottery.

3. Cashback Promotion

Meanwhile, the third example of promotion is cashback. Cashback itself is a refund of the purchase money from the agreed price. This promotion method is usually used to attract consumers so they are willing to make purchases in a certain amount. This method is also intended to increase sales in certain events.

4. Promotions Provide Product Samples or Testers

Then, the fourth way of promotion that you can do is to provide product samples or testers. Surely you’ve got an offer to try a product for free, or buy coffee and get extra creamer.

This way of promotion is known to be a way of promotion by offering consumers to try products for free. Of course, the purpose of this promotion is to get reciprocity or interact with consumers.


Thus is the purpose of promotion is. As explained above, promotion is all ways that a business person can do to increase and develop the visibility of a service, product, brand or company.

Therefore, as part of the most effective marketing strategy, promotion has many types and is very diverse. This depends on the type of industry, business, and other factors. Meanwhile, the most frequently used media for promotion are billboards, TV advertisements, and manual promotions.

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