Understanding Marketing and 7 Types!

Understanding Marketing and 7 Types!

Nikereact.orgThis definition of marketing is often associated with sales. However, it didn’t just lead to that.

There is a lot of knowledge about marketing that must be known. Both for business people and for consumers. Before getting to know marketing further, let’s discuss the basics of marketing.

What are those? Among them are the definition of marketing, types of marketing, marketing objectives and marketing functions.

Definition of Marketing

Understanding Marketing and 7 Types!

What is marketing? Marketing is one of the most important activities. This important activity must be carried out by a company.

The point is to increase business, as well as maintain survival within the company. In addition to doing marketing, a company also needs to combine several functions. Like using the expertise you have, so that the company can run well.

In terms, the notion of marketing is a process and managerial. Where every individual and every group will get what they need and want. The trick is to create and also exchange products and services.

And the value between one person and another. The role of marketing today is not only to convey a product or service so that it reaches consumers in good condition. However, to think about how a product and service can provide satisfaction to consumers on an ongoing basis.

For a businessman, it is necessary to understand more in matters related to marketing. Because, the success of a business will be helped more or less by its marketing strategy. Depending on what marketing strategy is used, that will determine the products and services.

Understanding marketing is an activity carried out by a company, these activities will promote a product, service or service they have. Marketing also includes several things.

Examples such as advertising, sales, distribution to delivery of a product to other companies or to consumers. When carrying out the promotion process, they will target people who match the target product being marketed. In this case, some companies also involve a celebrity.

A celebrity or celebgram who has a popularity will usually be used. The goal is to introduce the product. Not only that, in marketing, the part that has this task will make the design on the packaging look very attractive.

This is one way to attract consumers. In addition, through a marketing also not only helps the company. Consumers will also be helped about this marketing.

Consumers will find it easier to get the products they want, according to their needs. Then, when a marketing goes according to its target, the company will get a lot of buyers. Do not miss it will also benefit from it.

Understanding Marketing According to Experts

Many experts have contributed to their opinion on the meaning of marketing. The following is the definition of marketing according to some experts:

1. Kotler (1997: 8)

Understanding marketing according to Kotler is a social and managerial process. Where in it there are individuals and groups in getting what they need and want. The trick is to create, offer and exchange a product that has value with other parties.

2. William J. Stanton (1984:7)

According to Stanton, the notion of marketing is a total system. The total system comes from business activities. These business activities are designed to plan, determine a price, provide a promotion, and distribute goods that will satisfy wants and services to both registered and potential consumers.

3. Melly Drum

Understanding marketing is a business process that seeks harmony among several things. These include human resources or human, financial and physical resources of the organization. Adjustments are made to the needs and desires of customers in the context of a competitive strategy.

4. Kotler and Armstrong

Understanding marketing is a social and managerial process. Where an individual and a group will get what they need and want. Through the creation and reciprocal exchange of products and value with others.

Types of Marketing

After knowing what marketing is, the next thing to discuss is the types of marketing. There are several types of marketing. Some of the types of marketing include the following:

1. Branding

A product or a service must have a target market. In addition, they must also have a name or “brand”. The point is to be known and famous by many people.

Branding is one type of marketing that is usually done by someone. The function of this branding is as an advertisement for the long term. This will certainly be very helpful in making a product or service more attractive.

Not only is branding more attractive, it can also make a product more famous. There are several things that are often in branding. Such as names, logos, slogans and so on.

2. Broadcast advertising

The next type of marketing is broadcast advertising. Broadcast advertising will generally use radio. The use of radio as a marketing medium is one of the most common forms of paid advertising.

Marketing done to customers is very potential, when using radio. Because the listeners will really hear what the radio announcer is saying. In addition, this type of marketing can also be done using TV media. The goal is to get a wider reach.

3. MLM or Multi-Level Marketing

Understanding Janis MLM marketing is a form of direct sales. MLM will involve many people, where companies will recruit and sell various products they have.

MLM can also be called network marketing, because the sales force will get a commission from the products that are successfully sold. As well as sales commissions that will be earned by sales commissions from the network.

4. Online or internet

Online media or the internet is one of the most popular marketing media. Almost everyone would have used the internet. This will make the market very broad.

Marketing can also be done in several ways. Such as using websites, emails, and even advertisements. The target market can also be determined. Because, many advertising service providers have features like this.

5. WoMM or Word of Mouth Marketing

WoMM is a product information that will be obtained by a consumer. Uniquely, the information obtained by consumers is obtained from other consumers. Either verbally or directly.

This type of marketing is known as word of mouth promotion. This type of promotion is delivered directly.

6. PR Marketing or Public Relations Marketing

PR marketing is one of the most important types of marketing. Many institutions or companies will work with a media. The goal is to increase brand awareness or product awareness.

Marketing will be done by making consumers or customers feel the benefits of the company’s products they have.

7. Relationship Marketing

The next type of marketing is relationship marketing. Building a relationship with consumers is one of the most effective ways to market a product.

The analogy is, when consumer loyalty has been built, then when the company launches or makes a new product, loyal consumers will voluntarily buy the product. started out of curiosity, then developed into a loyal user.

Marketing Function

Marketing is done, of course, has various functions. What are the functions of marketing? The following are some of the important marketing functions to know apart from understanding marketing. Are as follows:

1. Product introduction

The first function of doing marketing activities is to introduce a company’s products. This function is also known as the main function. Through marketing, a product will be better known by consumers.

However, on one condition. The requirement is that the company can highlight the advantages of the products it produces. It will be useful to help attract the attention of consumers, compared to competing products.

2. Exchange function

A marketing allows consumers to get information. This will motivate consumers to buy the product to be sold. These products will be exchanged for money, or products with products that have the same value.

This product can be used for consumer needs. Not only that, consumers can also resell products. The goal is to make a profit.

3. Research

Marketing can be a ground for research. Both research is done in person, or done online. Research will allow business owners or companies to obtain information.

The information is about the target market of a product. Things that are generally research material such as gender, age, income, needs and so on. Products made can adapt to how and what the target market is.

4. Physical distribution

The next function of marketing is to ensure that the product is easily distributed properly. Distribution is carried out from where the product is produced to the wider market. The process can be done by water, land and even air routes.

This marketing function also serves to maintain the quality of goods. In order to ensure that the product will reach consumers in good condition.

5. After-sales service

Sometimes, consumers need service after making a purchase. The owner of the business or product should be able to assist consumers in dealing with this. Examples such as products for household furniture.

The possibility of consumers having difficulty using these household products is also quite large. This is where the marketing function works. This function will provide a sense of security and comfort to consumers in the after-sales period.

6. Competition

The next function of marketing is to be able to compete. In winning a competition, the company must make a good marketing strategy. Companies must highlight the advantages of their products compared to competitors’ products. In this case, marketing is needed.

Marketing Goals

The following are some of the goals of marketing:

  1. Activities to develop business capabilities.
  2. So that the business or company can adapt to new trends.
  3. As a rationale for making a marketing decision.
  4. Used as a measuring medium, the marketing results will be based on predetermined achievement standards.
  5. Reference for the marketing team to improve the quality of coordination between individuals who work in it.

That’s a brief explanation related to marketing. Starting from the understanding of marketing in general, the understanding of marketing according to experts, types of marketing, marketing functions to marketing objectives.

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